Mayor’s Top Teens Las Cruces 2012-2013


The Mayor’s Top Teens yearbook has been published and is available to the public.  Stop by the Young Adult Department to pick up your copy if you want to find out a little bit more about these exceptional teens.


Frances Attiogbe, Luis Barrera, Dakota Burrow, Garrett Bensley, Brooke Coffeen, Quintin Dean, Amanda Dick-Peddie, Claire Ann Engel, Zane Engel, Jaquelynn Ann Flores, Raelyn Gardner, Savannah Graves, Marion Blair Hartley, Kendra Hernandez, Kathlyn Huerta, Sarah Kim, Jeff Kirkpatrick, David Alejandro Lynch, Rayn Maki, Hanna Chistina Makk, Serena Melendrez, Desiree Nunez, Molly Olson, Joseph Ortiz, Joseph Paz, William Peck, Sonia Portillo, Paige Ramsey, Katherine Rathgeber, Vanessa Romero, Raeanna Rosales, Sidney Brook Sanders, Emily Santa Maria, Ashton Schoeppner, Julia b. Sierra, Amber Lynn Squire, Mitch Squires, Sereena Telles, Wei-Te (Mark) Ting, Duy To, Luis Varela, and Sylina Williamson.


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