Do you dig Goodreads?

thumbs up
Then you might also enjoy the following sites for book lovers:

Shelfari (
The look fo this Amazon-owned operation is very visual with book covers galore. You can import your Amazon purchases and contribute to the wikilike “Book Facts” for each title. This information is available on the stie as well as on Kindle devices and apps.

Library Thing (
This site (tagline: “Catalog Your Books Online”) is a utilitarian alternative to Goodreads. There are fewer frills and the look isn’t as slick as Goodreads, but there’s also no advertising staring you in the face. The basics are all there: reviews, collections, groups, and discussions.

BiblioNasium (
Billed as “part kids’ social network, part parent’s guide, part teacher’s tool,’ BiblioNasium is geared toward the education market, and it’s very kid friendly. Teachers can join, generate class accounts, and create a reading network with their students, who can respond to books and post their own reviews.


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