Beneath the Surface Summer Reading Program Art

el anatsui
This year, for what has become a ten year annual tradition of art made by Las Cruces High School students for Thomas Branigan Memorial Library’s, Young Adult Summer Reading Program, Sculpture students used recycled textbooks as their primary raw material to create site-specific works based on the monumental accumulation sculptures of Ghanaian sculptor, El Anatsui.

In the spirit of El Anatsui, who uses materials that are most often discarded after their original function has been fulfilled (but valued by the artist for their tremendous variety and steady availability in large quantities) students were invited to select from numerous outdated textbooks scheduled for disposal.

Several students made their selections based on the Principles and Elements of Design, for example: color, pattern, repetition, etc. found in the books. Others were drawn to the material possibilities of ‘extras’, like the audio tapes and compact discs accompanying the textbooks. Some choices were made out of love, distaste, or apathy for the book’s original content.

Students were then asked to choose ‘an action’ to perform on their materials and explore the possibilities. Actions inlcude: to rip, to tear, to cut, to sew, to twist, to bend, to weave, to fold, to pierce, to tie, to glue, to dye, to wet, to shred and to join.

Featured artists and their art scuplture are:
Timothy Alexander, “TO WEAVE”, recycled textbook pages, coffee, tea, tape
Brianna Bridgeforth, “TO JOIN”, recycled textbook pages, yarn
Cesar Esquivel, “TO FOLD”, recycled textbooks, wire
Karina Estrada, “TO TEAR”, recycled testbook pages, sewing thread
Frederick Hansen, “TO TIE”, recycled textbook-covers, compact disc and audiotapes
Jennifer Hernandez, “TO TWIST”, recycled textbook pages, staples, yarn
Diana Piceno, “TO PIERCE”, reycled book, hardware, melted crayon, textbook audiotapes
Kalynn Vargas, “TO DYE”, recycled textbooks, dye, tape, monofilament
Kokoa Von Schriltz, “TO BEND”, recycled textbooks

Stop by the Young Adult Department this summer to see these wonderful pieces of art. Here are a few to peak you interest.
srp art 004</a
srp art 007
srp art 009


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