WHAT’S HOT! Clever Back-TO-School Gadgets

powerbag sling
Powerbag Sling
Need power? It’s in the bag. The Powerbag Sling from ful can juice up your devices thanks to its built-in lithiumin rechargeable battery. Simply connect your smartphone, iPod, tablets, camera, or GPS unit to one of its multiple connectors, press the large button, and charging is activated. The Powerbag itself plugs into the wall when you need to charge it up for the next day.

power pen
Livescribe Sky WIFI Smartpen
This is note-taking the digital way! The Livescribe Sky WiFi smartpen records everything it writes or hears. When the pen is used with special paper, all your handwritten notes are wirelessly uploaded to the popular Evernote app, viewable on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. A built-in microphone captures audio, too, such as school lessons, personal reminders, …
Cruel and cool at the same time, the Tocky will get you moving in the morning! When its alarm sounds, the Tocky rolls off your night table and quickly moves around the floor. The Tocky is outfitted with a microphone to record your own voice, and it even plays your MP3s. The only way you can turn it off is to find the Tocky.


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