As technology changes we all adjust: unfortunately, so do the bullies. Bullying has gone wireless. The internet, cell phones with text messaging, instant messaging, camera phones and email are the bullies new tools.


Solutions are available.

Text Messaging. If one receives an obscene message, threat, or abusive message don’t respond. Your wireless provider should be notified to see how they handle this situation.

Chat-rooms and Instant Messaging. Never give out your personal information. If you receive inappropriate messages, disconnect or block the sender. Do not respond to i appropriate message. Do not begin a dialogue. Avoid giving our the name of your school. Never agree to meet anyone from a chat-room.

Email. Do not respond. Go to the source button to find out information on tracking where it was sent from. If sent from someone at school, then print the email to use as proof. Have parents contact the school or their service provider to see what options are available. Look into email filers, creating folders for these emails and spam software to block them. Whatever you choose it will never be 100% perfect in blocking unwanted emails.

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