Sexual Assault Awareness Month

sexual awareness month

Some non-fiction books currently available in the Young Adult Department.

The Truth About Rape 362.883 Tru

Teenage Sexuality: Opposing Viewpoints 306.7083 Tee

Sex: A Book for Teens: An Uncensored Guide to Your Body, Sex and Safety 613.9071 Has

Abstinence: Postponing Sexual Involvement 306.732 Pea

Unmasking Sexual Con Games: Helping Teens Avoid Emotional Grooming and Dating Violence 364.153 MCG

May I Kiss You? A Candid Look at Dating, Communication, Respect & Sexual Assault Awareness 646.77 Dom

Sexuality and Teens: What You Should Know About Sex, Abstinence, Birth Control, Pregnancy, and Stds 306.7083 Fei

The Full Spectrum: A New Generation of Writing About Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, and Other Identities 306.766 Ful


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