NM Battle of the Books 2014 Results

1st place-Team M13 (322 points)
Evanie Foster-Mountain View Middle School
Raquel Trevizo-Dexter Middle School Library
Gavin Wakefield-New Mexico Virtual Academy
Detroit Kallunki-Sierra Middle School
Jordyn Woodburn-Pensaco School

2nd Place-Team M12 (308 points)
Marie Genar-Penasaco School
Nehemiah Martinez-DeVargas Middle School
Bryana Munoz-Dexter Middle School Library
Jordan Patterson-New Mexico Virtual Academy

3rd Place (299 points – two teams tied)
Team M19
Connie Pacheco-Sierra Middle School
Fernanda Marquez-DeVargas Middle School
Shelby Emmons-Mountainair Middle School
Allison Barnes-La Plata Middle School

Team M5
Cypress Zellers-New Mexico Virtual Academy
Richard Meeks-Dexter Town Library
Milton Garica-Chaparral Middle School
Gideon Kuykendall-C.C.Snell Middle School



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