Tips to Improve your Resume

Your resume is one of the first things that will come across a hiring manager or prospective employer’s desk. There is always room for improvement, and reevaluating your resume may help you shine amongst a group of candidates.
Look at sample resumes online. Take notes on your first impressions of samples you find, and jot down the things you liked and disliked. After you have reviewed several samples, look at your current resume. Incorporate the things that you liked.
From a glance, is our resume easy to read? Is there enough space between each of the lines? Is your text large enough?
Review the language in your resume. Under your work history section, do your responsibilities, duties, and tasks include action verbs? Try using different verbs, while being honest and not losing the original meaning, and see how your resume becomes more interesting.
Avoid bright colors, colored text, and clipart.
Try to fit your resume on one page.
Improving and polishing your resume can help you stand out and can also give you a new start during your job search. A great resume takes time to develop, and the time you invest will pay off as you start landing interviews and eventually, a great job.


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