Urban Dictionary??

A dictionary of human interaction, defining slang, pop culture, and everyday urban life. A resource for parents trying to understand their kids, for language learners confused by real-world English – but most of all for your entertainment. A from-the-streets explanation of contemporary culture and language available online at www.urbandictionary.com, in the pages of a great book (New Edition Urban Dictionary Freshest Street Slang Defined complied by Aaron Peckham), or from any nearby teenager.

Here’s a sample:
Cobra Yawn – The involuntary spraying of saliva while yawning.
Vaguebook – To give an intentionally vague Facebook status update that prompts friends to ask what’s going on. Possibly a cry for help.
Brickberry – A term for the old, outdated phone you have to use when your current phone breaks.
Kill Two Pigs with One Bird – A modern version of “kill two birds with one stone.” From the popular video game Angry Birds.



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