Scared Stiff by Sara Latta

Have you ever wondered why some people love to jump out of planes with nothing more than a parachute, while other people are too scared to even take a one-hour flight to a great vacation spot?

Scared Stiff Everything You Need to Know About 50 Famous Phobias helps provide answers to those questions and many more. An entertaining and informative book of the most interesting and well-known phobias from acrophobia (fear of heights) to wiccaphobia (fear of witches). Phobias are not just a minor nuisance. They can keep you from activities and experiences that are important parts of growing into a successful and happy adult. For example, fear of social situations can make it hard to make friends, go on dates, or enjoy parties. Students with topophobia (fear of speaking or otherwise performing in public) can drop out of school or refuse to go to college just to get out of having to speak up in class.


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