Las Cruces H.S., Sierra M.S., White Sands Schools Honored at Supercomputing Challenge

Congratulations to Centennial High, Las Cruces High, Las Cruces YwiC (Young Women in Computing), Sierra Middle School YwiC, Picacho Middle School, Mesa Middle School, and White Sands Middle School for having teams participate in this year’s Supercomputing Challenge.
The Las Cruces High and Sierra Middle YwiC both received the Welcome Back awards , while White Sands Middle School was recognized as a First-Year School. All teams contributed to a strong showing from Las Cruces area schools.
Third place winners were a trio from Las Cruces YwiC, Ian Rankin, Ahmed Muhyi and Sophia Sanchez-Maes. They created a computational model of the growth dynamics and neutral lipid synthesis of green microalgae. Their project is entitled Maximize lipid output and biomass production of algae in open pond batch systems for biofuel synthesis. They also received the Newcomer Award. Their teacher sponsors were Rebecca Galves, and mentor: Noor Muhyi.
The Supercomputing Challenge is open to any New Mexico high-school, middleschool or elementary-school student. More than 240 students representing 70 teams from schools around the state spent the school year researching scientific problems, developing sophisticated computer programs, and learning about computer science with mentors from the state’s national laboratories and other organizations. All the finalist teams received plaques for their schools, a large banner suitable for hanging at their schools and other gifts.
More than $40,700 in individual scholarships were awarded at the Supercomputing
Challenge Awards Expo on Tuesday at Los Alamos, including $20,000 from the Laboratory’s Computer, Computational and Statistical Sciences Division. Many other awards range from random $100 gifts for finishing the academic marathon to teamwork, research, logo for next year and teacher appreciations. The Supercomputing Challenge is sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Security, LLC.


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