Are you a wild reader???

Do you read not because you must for some assignment?
Is reading as important to you as eating and sleeping and breathing??
Is reading simply one other activity in which you engage?
Do you do it not only willingly, but enthusiastically?
Do you care books with you wherever you go?
Can you relate to a reading emergency — those unexpected moments when you are stuck somewhere longer than you planned??

Donalyn Miller with Susan Kelley wrote an excellent book – Reading in the Wild The Book Whisperer’s Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits.
Donalyn’s surveyed hundreds of wild readers, asking them about the practices that helped form them as readers and keeps them active readers.

Their Wild Reader Survey responses helped them identify five general characteristics that lifelong readers share. They found that wild readers:

1. Dedicate time to read. They spend a substantial time reading in spite of their hectic lives.
2. Self-select reading material. They are confident when selecting books to read and have the experience and skills to choose books successfully that meet their interest, needs, and reading abilities.
3. Share books and reading with other readers. Readers enjoy talking about books almost as much as they like reading.
4. Have reading plans. Wild readers plan to read beyond their current book. We anticipate new books by favorite authors or the next installment in a beloved series. We know what we want to read next and why we want to read it.
5. Show preferences for genres, authors, and topics.

The Wild Reader Survey respondents also shared the following sources for discovering books (beyond personal testimonials):
* Professional colleagues
* Book lists
* Bookstore and library displays
* Book review blogs and websites
* Authors’ blogs and websites
* Social networking sites
* Periodicals
* Professional book review publications
* Book vender websites
* Publishers’ catalogues and websites
* Book clubs
* Chosen randomly


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