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Girls Vs Guys by Michael J. Rosen

Is it true that guys believe they’re smarter than they really are? Or that girls talk more than guys? Do mosquitoes bite guys more than girls? Which sex is better at diapering babies, remembering birthdays, or hammering nails? These are just some of the questions to which you’ll find some pretty astounding answers. Using scientific research, author Michael J. Rosen explores the ways in which environment and experience, as well as neurology, physiology, and genetics come together to shape personality and gender behavior—in both expected and unexpected ways. Amusing and informative, these quirky questions and answers will have males and females rethinking their notions of differences between the genders. So, really: Who is better at lying? Who should be more afraid of lightning? Who makes plants grow taller? Who’s got more cooties? Guys or girls?


Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential by Brian Ashcraft

Brian Ashcraft discusses the history and impact of the schoolgirl image on Japan’s society and culture, and asks j-pop idols, along with other celebrities, film directors, historians, artists, and others to explain the trend, fashion choices, and its appeal

Editorial Reviews


“Manga, horror movies, pop music, fashion, and accessories are all popular Japanese topics and trends. Brian Ashcraft and Shoko Ueda tackle all of the above—and more—through the well-known trope of the schoolgirl in Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How Teenage Girls Made a Nation Cool. The authors explore aspects of trends such as blazers and skirt lengths and provide interviews with pop stars emulating the schoolgirl look. Whether your preferred schoolgirl is more the upstanding heroine Sailor Moon or the vengeful, weapon-wielding Gogo Yubari of Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, Vol. 1, you’ll come away well versed.”—Library Journal

“If you’re into Japanese culture and want to know more about the Harajuku origins or why schoolgirls are on the advertisements for nearly everything, then pick this up. You’ll learn about things you never thought to ask!” —Jessica Barton,

“Every page in this book has something impressive, even to us Japanese who should be familiar with Jyosi-Kosei…The book is literally “Eye-Opening” for any reader both in and out of Japan.” —Gigazine

“For those of you who have always regretted not taking that course “Japanese Schoolgirl” at school—be disappointed no more as all you have to do is pick up this book and study at home instead. Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential: How Teenage Girls Made a Nation Cool is the Japanese Schoolgirl bible that will arm you with the knowledge to pass the JSPT (Japanese Schoolgirl Proficiency Test).” — Danny Choo, Culture Japan Director & Web Monkey

“Honestly, if you’ve got any interest in Japanese pop culture, this book is a must-have primer on one of the most influential items in Japan. I didn’t think that was the case before reading this, but at this point, I have to admit, Ashcraft and Ueda have convinced me that it really is the case in Japan.” — Japanator

“Brian Ashcraft and his wife, Shoko Ueda, give the most comprehensive look at the girls that have shaped Japan. Whether you have interests in Japan’s history, a love for videogames, or are an anime otaku, this book will definitely keep your eyes glued to the pages.” — Sit Sam! Game Resource blog

Japanese Schoolgirls Confidential is highly valuable as a written discourse on one of Japan’s most valuable exports. Authors Brian Ashcraft and Shoko Ueda do a fantastic job at deconstructing the Japanese schoolgirl and in the process elevating the discourse on the subject. There really hasn’t been an entire book dedicated to such a topic released within the West before this, so it’s certainly a welcomed addition. Those wanting to learn more about the Japanese schoolgirl and why she’s so cool should look no further. Perhaps this is what’s needed because while the cultural barriers still remain, we can still learn from one another, and with some of the most simplistic of concepts—in this case the sailor uniform—we can bridge the divide between entire nations. Now that is cool.” — iSugio

“Overall, the topics of discussion and the specific examples used seem to have been very carefully chosen, and all of the facts and information flow together nicely. The prose is intelligent, witty, and easy to read… Japanese Schoolgirl Confidential is not only lots and lots of fun but also manages to transcend the schoolgirl icon by coalescing into a rich and informative cultural history. If I were teaching a class about contemporary Japan, you can bet that this book would be required reading.” — Contemporary Japanese Literature blog


365 More Simple Science Experiments by E. Richard Churchhill

How does heat change a solid to a liquid? What makes an echo? Why do we cry when we peel an onion? Can water flow upwards? Uncover these answers and put the world at your fingertips every day of the year with hands-on, always surprising science activities. Every experiment is illustrated with over 700 delightful drawings and uses easy-to-find materials.



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