ReaLITy is a program designed to shine a light on Macmillan’s realistic literary fiction. These titles feature strong writing, important themes, and memorable voices. They are pathways to discussion about topics that impact the lives of today’s young adults. These are real books for real teens.

Books in the ReaLITy program are the kind of stories that stay with you long after the last page. They can inspire understanding of a life completely different than your own or make you realize that there are others out there just like you. These are the books that you can’t wait to share and discuss. Because of that, we’ve created discussion guides for every ReaLITy title. We’ve talked to each author and asked them what inspired their novels—what makes their books “real”?

Books can make it easier to figure out your place in the world and we think the titles in the ReaLITy program will do just that.

Check out ReaLITy Reads.




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