New Graphic Novels have arrived



Wolverine:  Origin by Bill Jemas

The birth and childhood of young James Howlett: the secrets and intrigue of his family history and the first struggle with his subconscious savagery that culminated in tragedy. James’ flight from everything he once knew led to the forging of the man known as Logan!


Attack on Titan:  Colossal by Hajime Isayama

For eons, humans ruled the natural world. But a century ago, everything changed when the Titans appeared. Giant, grotesque parodies of the human form, these sexless monsters consumed all but a few thousand human beings, who took refuge behind giant walls. Today, the threat of the Titans is a distant memory, and a boy named Eren yearns to explore the world beyond the wall. But what began as a childish dream will become an all-too-real nightmare when a Titan finally knocks a hole in the wall, and humanity is once again on the brink of extinction.”–


Wrenchies by Farel Dalrympie

Sherwood and Orson should never have gone into that cave. That day, a door was opened from our world into a dark and profane realm…and earth’s destiny was changed forever. In this demented future, whatever life remains on earth is oppressed by the evil shadowsmen. Only a gang of ruthless and powerful children called the Wrenchies can hope to stand against them. When Hollis, a lonely boy from our world, is magically given access to the future world of the Wrenchies, he finally finds a place he belongs. But it is not an easy world to live in, and Hollis’s quest is bigger than he ever dreamed of.


Wolverine:  Three Months to Die by Paul Cornell

Follows Wolverine after a virus has stripped him of his superhuman healing ability, and his subsequent return to the Jean Grey School.  After the events of “Killable,” Logan seeks revenge on Sabretooth by any means necessary, even if it means turning his back on his friends.



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