Just arrived – New Non-fiction



Whistle-Blowers:  Exposing Crime and Corruption by Matt Doeden

Introduction: a moral dilemma — Whistleblowing 101 — Traitor or hero?: the saga of Edward Snowden — Exposing big tobacco: Jeffrey Wigand takes on Brown & Williamson — Corrupt peacekeepers: exposing human trafficking in Bosnia — Deep Throat: bringing down a president — A rookie’s decision: exposing corruption in law enforcement — What is enough?: Mike McQueary and the Penn State abuse scandal — Is it worth it?


The Handy Mythology Answer Book by David A. Leeming


Exposing Torture by Hal Marcovitz

Introduction: pain and suffering — Cruel and unusual punishment — Torture endures — The push for human rights — Blood on American hands — Recovering from the wounds of torture — Blowing the whistle on torture.


Children of the Holocaust by Alex Woolf

Provides an introduction to the Holocaust through the personal testimonies and diaries of those who survived.


Remaking the John:  The Invention and Reinvention of the Toilet by Francesca DiPiazza

Explores how toilets have been invented and reinvented across history, including the ancient Roman sewer system, the world’s first flush toilets, and the creation of World Toilet Day.




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