Teen Fashion

Check out some fun, informative “fashion” books available in the Young Adult Department!


The Teen Vogue Handbook:  An Insider’s Guide to Careers in Fashion

A must-read for anybody interested in fashion. From aspiring designers, stylists, editors, and photographers to fashion obsessives who want behind-the-scenes secrets about industry stars and tips on how to live a creative life.


Sew Teen:  Make Your Own Cool Clothes by Sheila Zent

Twenty designs for fashion-minded teens, with photos and easy-to-follow instructions.


Penny Chic:  How to be Stylish on a Real Girls Budget by Shauna Miller

A style guide for teen girls explains how to develop a personal style, shares budget-conscious tips for do-it-yourself projects, and explains how to get the most out of shopping at mainstream economy stores.


Boho Fashion by Karen Latchana Kenny

Find Your Style — Boho Celebs — Know the Basics — The Must-Haves — Layering 101 — Boho Clothes — The Perfect Shoes — Bohemian Accessories — The Right Hair and Make-up — Your Boho Look — Boho-Chic Resources — Glossary.


Edgy Fashion by Amanda St. John

Is edgy fashion for you? — Who’s got the look? — How do I get the look?.


Hipster Fashion by Karen Latchana Kenny and Preppy Fashion by Karen Latchana Kenny


Streetwear Fashion by Stephanie Watson



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