New books in YA Dept


Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

Nanette O’Hare, a star student and athlete, is given a mysterious out-of-print cult classic novel by her beloved teacher that sparks the rebel within her, but as she befriends the reclusive author and attempts to insert her true self into the world with wild abandon, Nanette learns the hard way that sometimes rebellion comes at a high price.


Anomalies by Sadie Turn

In the future where no disease, war, or discontent exists, and all citizens are complacent members of the Global Governance, fifteen-year-old Keeva discovers that nonconformity will be punished, dissent is not an option, and insurgents will be


Frannie and Tru by Karen Hattrup

When fifteen-year-old Frannie’s seventeen-year-old cousin Tru moves in for the summer after a bad coming-out experience, Frannie feels desperate to impress her worldly older cousin, only to discover that his charismatic facade may hide a dark secret.


A Cut Too Far by Herman Brown

Chace has been bullied for years by Ivan, first for his facial deformity then for his mother’s Iranian-American boyfriend, but when he decides to pay back Ivan’s Internet attacks with a cyberthreat of his own, he faces suspension from school–and worse.


Magnetic Shift by Lucy D. Briand

The ability to magnetize and manipulate metal with the flick of her wrist makes seventeen-year-old Lexi Adams a crack mechanic, but it’s a disaster in the making when her stepdad trades her skills to NASCAR team owner Dean Grant for an entire season’s worth of sponsorship ads.


Biggie by Derek E. Sullivan

Hiding behind his weight, Henry “Biggie” Abbott prefers academics over athletics, until he catches a glimpse into a different future and decides to lose weight, eat healthy, gain his stepfather’s respect, and win over the girl of his dreams.


June : A Novel by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore

Learning that she is the sole heir to the fortune of a legendary Hollywood movie star, Cassie Danvers, mourning the loss of her grandmother, investigates the truth in her prim grandmother’s past and discovers secrets involving blackmail, murder, betrayal, and broken hearts.



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